If you become the next Miss Greenville, how will you use your platform to advance the LGBT community in Eastern North Carolina?

Well, I'll just do the best I can. And if I do the best I can, then I won't worry about it.

Why not?

Each digital service has its own requirements for a film to be available on their platform, and creating different versions of the film which meet those requirements takes lots of time, effort, and money. Miss D Productions is a wholly independent (small) studio, and the folks behind it have to keep many irons in the fire to make sure ends meet. Dickinson Avenue is a high priority, but a higher priority is keeping a roof overhead, the lights on, and food on the table.

Is Crave still open? Can we attend or enter Miss Greenville or Miss D?

Unfortunately, Crave is permanently closed, and both The Miss Greenville Pageant and The Miss Dickinson Avenue Pageant are looking for a new home. If you have an event space in Eastern Carolina and are interested in becoming the new host venue for one of both of these iconic, historic pageants, please contact us at                                                       or via Facebook Messenger.

Is that it?

As Al says in the film, "It was the people that wove the tapestry that made up the story of The Paddock Club."

And as Cindy says, "As long as the people stick together, it doesn't matter what building gets torn down."

Dickinson Avenue is not the end of The Paddock's story, it's just the beginning...

How do I watch this movie?

Dickinson Avenue is now available on home video! Head back into The Paddock Club with a membership which never expires by owning the film on Blu-Ray. CLICK HERE for more information!

Is the film streaming or available to rent/own digitally?

Not yet. The intention is for the film to eventually be available to stream or rent/own digitally, but it won't happen in the foreseeable/immediate  future.

I LOVE this movie! How can I help?

Word of mouth is the best advertising. Tell people about us! Like and follow Dickinson Avenue on Facebook. Leave a review by using their "recommend" feature. Interact with the page by sharing it or liking, commenting on, and/or sharing our posts so more people see us. Purchase the film as a gift for friends and family you think will also love it, or donate a copy to your local library. And if you see any of our stars are performing live in your area, go see them, and bring your dollar bills!

Can we show Dickinson Avenue at our school/club/festival/event?

Yes, but *NOT WITHOUT PERMISSION* (even if you purchase the Blu-Ray)!

The Blu-Ray is licensed for private home use only. Inviting friends over to your home for a watch party is acceptable use, but any and all performances in a venue other than your private residence, whether free to attend or not, require prior consent.

Contact us at                                                       or via Facebook Messenger to request permission.

Frequently Asked Questions

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